When you walk into a room, do you feel like all eyes are on you? You know it’s not healthy to worry about what they think, but it’s hard to really let that sink in. Here are some steps you can take, to help you overcome!

Focus on loving people

If you’re struggling to surrender your life to God but you do want a relationship with Him, here are some things to think about!

1. Trust God’s wisdom

Our will and God’s will can be in perfect agreement if we really believe He is God. Since God is the One…


People often ask what is okay in the Christian life, especially with entertainment. Here are some questions to ask yourself!

  • Does this make any change in my attitude or thoughts?
  • Is it holy? If I were perfect, would I do this?
  • Does it draw me closer to God or farther…

Do you know it’s a priority to spend time with God, but you get distracted with other things and forget? Here are some things that help!

  1. Get a Bible app and read as soon as you wake up.

Most mornings, I make a point to read short section from the…

What does the Bible say?

The Bible shows us that Jesus is God and yet the Son of God at the same time. The vast majority of the time (I’d say 95% or more), He is called the Son of God. Still, here are some verses that show He is God at the same time.

Let’s say you sent a text to your best friend yesterday, and he/she still hasn’t responded. What would you think?

I try to get back to people in the same day, but sometimes unexpected things happen.

One time I was in a car accident and didn’t have my phone for…

What forgiveness doesn’t mean

It doesn’t mean to say “it’s okay.” When someone says “I’m sorry,” many times the other person says “it’s okay.” A better response would be “I accept your apology” or “thank you,” then moving on.

It doesn’t mean tolerating abuse or giving more and more chances to someone who is…

If you’re a new believer, it’s essential to build a worldview that is based on God’s perspective. Here’s a list of the things I believe are the most important, based on the Bible.

1. What is God like?

  • He is the Creator, the source of life, the only God.

“Have you not known? Have you…

If you’re considering abortion, think about these things:
- Is the fetus literally a baby?
-Is this what God wants?
-Is there another way?

Is the fetus literally a baby?

Yes! Psalm 139 shows how God sees every person from the time we’re in the womb.

Here’s another way to think of it. A baby born…

You might doubt if you’ve ever been saved, or maybe you’re afraid you lost it. I’ll cover both here.

If you’re worried you haven’t been saved…

There are a couple ways to look at it. The Bible says how to be saved, and how to know we are saved.

  • How to be saved

“If you confess with…

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