Ways to Stay Focused on God’s Word

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1 min readJan 20, 2024

To keep your mind focused on God’s Word (Psalm 1:2) and stay consistent in reading and meditating on it every day, here are some ideas:

1. Leave a Bible open in whatever room you spend the most time in.

2. Join a Bible study group (in person, on a video call, or facebook group) for accountability or ask a friend to help you stay on track, then regularly discuss what you’ve been reading.

3. Set recurring alarms or reminders on your phone with verses (one particular verse each week or month).

4. On your computer, use a URL opener to open a Bible website or the Bible on audio on a regular basis, to keep you consistent.

5. Program Google nest to read the Bible on audio each day, from Youversion or a podcast.

6. Sign up for email subscriptions with devotionals. There are many ministries that do this, including Our Daily Bread: https://odb.org/subscription/email-and-mobile/ .

7. Subscribe to Bible-teaching podcasts and Youtube channels, for example Mike Winger.

8. Sign up for a verse of the day by text. Text VERSE to (463) 946–4670 to get daily verses from the ministry of Groundwire.

9. Use Bible Verse Widget on the main screen of your phone.

10. On your phone, use a Bible app like Youversion that has daily notifications with verses.



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